sexta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2022

Under Attack

You already are losers and you just can't really win, when your "success" is worldly and you do it all for ego. Was I supposed to stay put and lost forever so we could be "friends"? You didn't believe I was what I said I was and, as a matter of fact, you couldn't, because we've never shared the same faith and ambition, fake artists. From the start you've felt I was a threat to your illusion of what you've wanted to be, fought so hard for. Isn't it true? So why would you take so much delight in seeing me disintegrating? Tell me more about hope, let yours out, show me a future with millions of fans and dollars. I know, the "best" is yet to come.

Don't blame your pathetic and abominable words on the rock 'n' roll dream being stronger than you and the flesh being weak; you've got carried away by its negativity because you've chosen to, needed to show you could be one of them, worthy to be in the club, learning from them that elevating your false self esteem is the way to feel good in egoland. I lost the "innocence" which blinds one from seeing that your idols and masters are your actual content source; if the appearance of holiness isn't enough and can't save, why have you deceived yourselves saying that wanting to be a part of the scene was ok because you'd be on a mission? I know well what "opportunity" means to your kind of people.

Don't say I didn't warn you that if you don't turn...

Jesus! You'll be damned.